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Google Store Page Restored

I have finally figured out how to satisfy Google that my use of device location meets their policy requirement, and they have restored my Google Play Store page for SASHA.

This has been a very frustrating experience for me. Firstly, it turns out that when they review an app for compliance, they review all the latest versions they can find, even if the version is in a disabled test track. This was not documented anywhere! One would have naively thought that they are reviewing just the latest submission….

Secondly, they seem to require that the app’s use of location services be coded a specific way, rather than accepting any coding which meets their requirements.

Finally, support for policy issues is non-existent! I struggled with this issue for over a month: countless chats with ‘regular’ support, emails, etc., and many promises that ‘policy support’ will get back to me. They never did, not once! They are like a black hole!